Mara, Andy, Kyle & Alana Cohen plus Hannah Tanau

 As a family, we have been involved with WWO for over 11 years…volunteering in Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Haiti and Vietnam raising money along the way!
Well, we are back at it again. On May 6th, we will participate in the five boro bike tour for the fourth year as part of team WWO. 
Last year, we raised over $7000 for WWO. This time Kyle & Alana and a few friends are going to join us as we battle the pot holes of NYC to raise money.
The mission of WWO is simple-every child deserves the opportunities and resources to reach their individual potential-just as we wish for our own children.
WWO turns orphanages into the hub of their communities where there is medical care, education, recreation, sports, arts and even summer camp.  Above all, there is lots of love-that's really the main ingredient-love-just as we give to our own children. 
We've seen it in action.  It's truly amazing to experience how lives that may otherwise be lost are in full bloom at a WWO orphanage. Given the proper environment, these children become happy and productive adults-let's empower them-just as we do for our own children.
Please, please give...every dollar counts-thank you!
Mara, Kyle, Alana and Andy

WWO is honored to once again serve as a Charity Partner in the TD Five Boro Bike Tour.
For five years, our fearless WWO Superhero Riders have not only biked 40 miles through the 5 boroughs of New York City, they have also raised tens of thousands of dollars for WWO and the children we serve. This year, 35 of our most enthusiastic and active supporters will be riding the 40 miles once again.

WWO's mission is to transform the lives of orphans and vulnerable children through access to medical care, education, and psychosocial support so they can become healthy, independent, and productive members of their community and the world.

Want to join the WWO Superhero Riders? Email patrickj@wwo.org.

To learn more about WWO, visit wwo.org 

We depend on you - every gift matters and all gifts make a difference.

Who's riding this year? Click here! 

You're able to support one of our wonderful riders or donate to the whole team!